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Snoring and Sleep Problems

Many have considered smothering their partner with a pillow when they are sleeping due to the loud snoring keeping them up all night.

Snoring, unrefreshed sleep (waking up tired) and leg twitching while sleeping can all be signs of a condition called Sleep Apnoea. Sleep apnoea is a condition where during sleep your breathing is repeatedly interrupted and at times can completely stop, from a few seconds to minutes at a time.
Obstructive sleep apnoea has detrimental effects on sleep-quality and health, and increases the risk of obesity, high blood pressure, stroke, heart attack, type-2 diabetes, depression, impotence, mood disorders, and motor vehicle and industrial accidents. There are a few types of sleep apnoea ranging from mild to severe.

The way to find out if you indeed are suffering from this condition is to undergo something called a sleep study. A machine is worn while you are asleep which monitors your breathing, heart rate, leg movements etc. This process can be done in hospital overnight or at home.

Passion Dental is a fully registered Sleep Study Centre for Sleep Services Australia and provide a Sleep Study Machine for overnight use at home.

Going to hospital overnight can be very inconvenient for parents of young children or for people with a busy lifestyle. Also sleeping properly in a hospital setting can be a challenge for most.
The machine is easy to use and you wear it while you sleep in your own bed following your normal daily routine and therefore the results will be more relevant to your day to day life.

The machine records all the data gathered overnight which then gets forwarded to Sleep Services Australia who will then ascertain whether Sleep Apnoea is present and whether it is mild, moderate or severe.

Some forms of sleep Apnoea can be treated with the use of a dental device that can be worn while asleep. Passion Dental has fully qualified dentists that can supply the Somnomed device. Somnomed is the most comfortable device recommended by all sleep physicians.

For further information on how to undergo a sleep study or how to have a Somnomed appliance made call Passion Dental on 9717 4200.

Gum Disease Linked to Systemic Illnesses Including Diabetes, Heart, Cancer, Osteoporosis and Respiratory Disease

One in Three Australian Adults have gum disease causing unsightly gums and bad breath. The early stage of gum disease is called gingivitis and occurs by plaque causing bacteria settling in the gum pockets around the teeth and causing inflammation, the most common warning sign is bleeding gums (although smokers may not experience the warning symptoms due to reduced blood flow in the capillaries).
Gingivitis can be reversed with regular brushing and flossing and 6 monthly appointments with the dentist to ensure that all tartar is removed.
However if gum disease is left untreated long term it can develop to periodontitis. Periodontitis not only effects the gums but also all the surrounding structures of the teeth (alveolar bone and periodontal ligament). Chronic infection and inflammation is present which besides eventually leading to loss of teeth it can effect overall health as well.

Studies have been done that have linked periodontal disease with systemic Illnesses including but not limited to: diabetes, cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease, cancer, pre term babies and birth complications, rheumatoid arthritis and much more.
To treat periodontal disease regular visits to the dentist or periodontist are needed to ensure that all the plaque and bacteria have been removed from the teeth and a vigorous cleaning regiment is continued at home. Unfortunately any supporting bone structure loss cannot be reversed but further loss can be prevented and any health implications can be reduced by the lack of bacteria and inflammation in the mouth.

For further information on gum disease please call Passion Dental in Mernda and Doreen on 9717 4200

Braces vs Invisalign in Mernda/Doreen

If you are considering orthodontic treatment for either yourself or your child you more than likely have been trying to compare Invisalign and Braces.

Both treatments were designed to straighten teeth to improve your smile, oral health and overall function of your bite.

Braces are placed by bonding brackets to your teeth and tying them together with wires and rubber bands.

Invisalign is a series of clear aligners that are to be replaced every 2 weeks. They are very discreet and will gently move your teeth to the ideal position.

The facts about Braces vs Invisalign:



Braces (fixed)




Invisalign (removable)


Normally silver metal, can have enamel or coloured but usually cost more



Constant wear for 18-24 months on average (depending on the case) Treatment Duration 22-24 hour a day for 6-18 months on average (depending on the case)
$2000 – $6500 Cost  

$1700 – $6800



Brackets and wires cannot be removed for cleaning, need to be brushed regularly, use of a water flosser would be beneficial


Aligners can be removed for cleaning, Rinse and brush trays in luke warm water

Every 4-6 weeks  

Dentist follow up visits



Every 4-8 weeks (change over to new aligner at home every 2 weeks)


Retention needed, either fixed or removable to be worn most likely only at night  

Ongoing care after treatment ends

Retention needed, either fixed or removable to be worn most likely only at night
  • More effective for more complex issues
  • Cannot forget to put them on as they are fixed
  • Invisable
  • Removable
  • No difficulty eating
  • No uncomfortable wires
  • May have some discomfort from tooth movement, wires and brackets
  • May have difficulty eating sticky or hard foods
  • May have some discomfort from tooth movement
  • Must be removed prior to eating or drinking anything but water
Patients playing rough contact sports regularly Not Ideal for  

Patients with:

  • Lack of discipline as they need to keep trays in for 22 hours per day
  • Complex cases with posterior bite issues, the need to move teeth vertically into jaw

Obviously both treatment options are very similar in results but if you are an adult, Invisalign may sound more appealing to you, as it is discreet and you can eat and drink what you like. However if having to remove aligners before every meal may not be something you feel comfortable with, braces can be the other option that may appeal to you.

At Passion Dental in Mernda and Doreen we are conveniently located near the suburbs of Wollert, South Morang, Whittlesea, Craigieburn and Bundoora. So we service the Northern Suburbs of Melbourne and our experienced dental professionals will sit and go through all options with you.

Take advantage of our complimentary orthodontic assessment.

Call our friendly team on 9717 4200.

Choosing your Child’s Dentist South Morang, Doreen, Mernda, Bundoora, Wollert, Whittlesea

Choosing the right health professional for your child can be overwhelming. You want to be confident that they will take care of your child and pay the appropriate attention to their needs. Many parents get frustrated when seeing a health professional saying that they believe that the visit was rushed and the health professional was not thorough.

Choosing the right dentist is the same. You want to ensure that the dentist will be gentle with your child and make the experience a positive one. You do not want your child to develop any dental phobias. You also want to feel confident that your child’s teeth have been checked thoroughly and any potential issues are identified and dealt with.

Dentist South Morang

Convenience is also a major factor as with lifestyles being so busy these days, you want to ensure that your dentist is conveniently located so that that ongoing visits will not disrupt school or activity time. You would also prefer that most needs are met at one location without you having to be referred elsewhere for further care (eg braces, extractions).

At Passion Dental in Doreen and Mernda our dentists and staff are skilled at making every dental experience a positive one. Our dentist spends the time to go through all your child’s dental needs with you and gives you all the possible options and outcomes. Our dentist will also spend the time on educating both child and parent on proper oral hygiene and useful tips on how to avoid developing tooth decay.

Call Passion Dental on 9717 4200 for any further enquiries or to make an appointment for your little one.

General Anaesthetic Vs Sleep Dentistry in Cragieburn and Mernda

Most people would have heard of sleep dentistry and automatically think that they will have all their dental work done while asleep.
Having certain invasive dental procedures (eg wisdom tooth extractions, implant placements etc) can be daunting for some patients and therefore the option of sleep dentistry would be quite appealing.
However, sleep dentistry does not mean you are asleep. Sleep dentistry is performed using sedatives intravenously to place the patient in a drowsy state. This means that the patient is awake and aware during the procedure.

dentist in Cragieburn

At Passion Dental the local dentist in Cragieburn and Mernda we offer dentistry under General Anesthetic.
Unlike sleep dentistry where you are awake and conscious during the dental procedure under general anaesthetic, you are completely asleep.
Patients tend to prefer general anaesthetic as they find it a lot less traumatic and according to most they just want it “over and done with” and don’t want to be aware at all.

general anesthetic

General anaesthetic is administered by a fully qualified anaesthetist who will monitor the patient during the entire procedure and ensure that all safety processes are maintained continuously.
All procedures can be performed under general anaesthetic, including but not limited to: fillings, crowns, bridges, cosmetic dentistry, wisdom tooth extractions, implants and much more.
Call Passion Dental in Doreen and Mernda on 9717 4200 for any enquiries on General Anaesthetic dentistry.