Wisdom teeth are extra molars that usually emerge when we are in our late teens to mid-twenties. If there is a lack of space due to overcrowding, your molars will not erupt properly. In other cases, they are so far back that keeping them clean becomes a problem and they are therefore susceptible to decay. We do not always extract wisdom teeth, even if they are not fully erupted, we only extract if:

  • They are causing pain
  • They have decayed
  • They are a threat to the health of the surrounding teeth

Wisdom teeth can be quite difficult to extract, and in most cases, require a minor surgical procedure so that there is no damage to the alveolar nerve (the nerve that supplies feeling to the lower jaw) or to the sinus walls. Most complicated wisdom teeth extractions are performed under sedation or general anaesthetic.

If you are experiencing wisdom tooth pain, you can discuss things with our experts who can give you some pain relief (irrigation of the infected area, antibiotics, and painkillers) and can advise you on extraction options.

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