The dental crown is a favourable option when a tooth has:

  • Been heavily restored due to extensive tooth structure damage
  • Been root canal treated
  • Been fractured
  • Severe dental problems and needs aesthetic improvements (where a veneer would not suffice)
  • Had implant placed

The crown preparation procedure requires two visits.
On the first visit, we will take impressions to create the right crown for your tooth. These impressions will then be sent to a laboratory where a custom porcelain crown will be constructed. A temporary crown will be placed on the prepared tooth to protect it. You will never leave the surgery without a temporary crown.
On the second visit, the crown will be cemented in place over the tooth and it will help restore the strength of the tooth, allowing it to function and appear as the other teeth.
At Passion Dental, our crowns are made by only the top Australian laboratories that meet the strict Australian material guidelines of quality so that you get nothing but the best. We do not use any overseas laboratories for our dental work.

Crowns can be made with porcelain, porcelain fused with gold, or pure gold. The choice will be made once the remaining tooth structure, space remaining for the placement of the crown, and aesthetics are assessed.

This procedure will protect the remaining structure of the tooth to prevent further damage, and also improve the aesthetics of the tooth.

A dental crown is a long lasting solution for many dental problems, and can last for years with proper oral hygiene.

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