At Passion Dental, we are an Amalgam free clinic, and provide white fillings of the highest quality. They are mercury free and can be colour-matched to the exact shade of your teeth.

Amalgam used to be a great filling material in the past. However, it is rendered unpopular now. With the current advancement in tooth-coloured fillings, there are far better materials.

The most commonly used white fillings are the composite resin ones. We use the most advanced white composite resin that bonds to the tooth and blends in so perfectly that you won’t even know you have had a filling. Because it bonds to the tooth, the drilling is minimal.

Besides white composite fillings, we also use glass ionomer cement that can release fluoride to the surrounding tooth structure.

When a tooth suffers extensive damage, lab-fabricated white inlay or onlay fillings, or full coverage crowns may be needed. At Passion Dental, we examine your tooth structure to decide the right solution based on your tooth type.

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