Teeth need to be extracted in many cases, including:

  1. Severe periodontitis (advanced gum disease where the tooth has lost most bone support)
  2. Orthodontics (extractions needed to make room for other teeth)
  3. Infected tooth that cannot benefit by root canal treatment
  4. Damaged tooth that is no longer salvageable.

In these cases, the only option would be to extract the tooth. We offer the option of extraction only if we have exhausted all other forms of treatment. We know that losing a tooth can change your bite and make it difficult to chew. Furthermore, although extractions are a cheap form of treatment, it can be very costly to replace the missing tooth.

When it comes to extraction, we make sure that it’s a painless and stress-free process. Here is how we do it:

  1. A numbing paste is applied on the gum before injecting the anaesthetic
  2. Once the paste starts working, the dentist will remove the tooth without any pain or discomfort

For patients who suffer from severe dental anxiety, sleep sedation would be more favourable.

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