Dentures are the oldest and most affordable option for tooth replacement – from full dentures that replace the majority of missing teeth per arch to partial dentures that replace a few missing teeth per arch.

Although dentistry is more evolved now, and dentures are a lot more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing than they used to be many years ago, having a full denture can be quite inconvenient at times.

Full dentures are made for patients who have lost most of their teeth, due to which, their dentures sit purely on the gums and have very little or no support. As a result, it takes time to get used to simple things like eating or talking. They can also make eating certain foods a challenge and even become loose over time.

But don’t worry, we have the option of Implant retained dentures that are also known as All-on-4.

Implant retained dentures are a fixed and permanent option. Implants (titanium screws) are placed in selected areas of the jaw to act as anchors and a permanent denture is then attached onto these implants.

Implant retained dentures are easy to maintain by observing simple daily oral hygiene techniques that will be demonstrated to you after the dentures are placed.

They are a highly successful option that can last many years, as long as proper hygiene levels are maintained.

The biggest benefit though, is that you no longer have to take your dentures in and out – they are fixed in place!

Book a consultation with us to discuss your suitability for this procedure, as in some cases (involving extreme bone loss), an extra procedure called bone augmentation may be needed prior to the implant placement. Bone augmentation is the addition of bone tissues in certain areas of the jaw where bone loss has occurred.

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