Bridges are recommended:

  • When a tooth has been extracted and the adjacent teeth are heavily restored
  • To improve the appearance and function of your bite
  • To stop teeth from shifting once a tooth has been extracted

Unlike crowns that are a protective cover placed over an individual tooth, bridges are placed over two or more teeth (or implants) to act as anchors for the replacement of one or more teeth.

Bridges are usually suggested when the teeth adjacent to the ones needing replacement are heavily restored (or have implants) and would benefit by a protective cover.
Bridges as with crowns are made mostly in porcelain, porcelain fused with metal, or gold.

The procedure requires two appointments.

On the first appointment, the adjacent teeth are prepared, impressions are taken, and a temporary bridge is made to protect the prepared teeth and to improve patient comfort and bite until the permanent restoration can be placed. The impressions are then sent to a laboratory where the bridge is constructed.

At Passion Dental, we take services from only the top Australian laboratories to ensure that our bridges meet with the strict Australian material guidelines and quality.

On the second appointment, the bridge is cemented in place and any required adjustments are made to ensure that you are comfortable. Bridges function and appear like the rest of your teeth and may last many years with proper oral hygiene.

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